Sunday, March 15, 2009


"What is your favorite food?"  What kind of question is that?  How can you pick one?  You mean today, right now?  Or, "If you had one last meal-what would you eat?"  Hey, I am not interested in that 'one last meal idea'.  I have too many things left to do-I still don't have my new Anapeg pedal steel guitar!  Or, "If you had one thing to eat on a desert island-what would it be?"
As a matter of fact, I have been thinking about my favorite food & today, it is definitely quiche-Quiche Lorraine, the traditional, is probably my absolute favorite, but I have others.  This is a dish that can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner.  A quiche of course is a pre-baked savory pie crust that is filled with a blend of Emmenthal & Gruyere cheeses, topped with bacon bits & diced green onions, & filled with a mix of eggs, half & half, salt, pepper & grated nutmeg.  You use enough swiss cheese to fill the pie crust-not enough & the mix is too eggy- too much & the mix is too rubbery from the cheese.  
This morning I was eating at Tre Kroner, a Swedish restaurant in Chicago & after looking at their menu, I noticed they had a smoked salmon quiche.  It sounds good but decide not to order it because, after all, we are in a Swedish restaurant, not French.  However, my daughter Ashley feels no such qualms & happily orders it.  As it arrives I notice that the pie slice is fairly deep dish. This salmon quiche was good, but too much egg & not enough seasoning. I would have added dill maybe chosen a danish cheese for the filling.
 Now, my quiche pans are not deep dish.  I have the traditional tin pans with a fluted edge & a removable bottom.  They probably hold one or two handfuls of cheese & 3 eggs & one cup of half & half.  They might be about 3/4 of an inch high.
The pan they used at Tre Kronor must be an inch or inch & 1/2 tall.  I saw a quiche pan like that last summer when I was in Vallerus, France.  That is a potter's town north of Antibes on the French Rivera.  My other daughter, Nikki was studying pottery there during the summer & on a visit to her, I found a shop with these wonderful ceramic quiche pans-red, blue, green, orange, yellow and I looked but didn't buy one.  They were something like 25 Euros-about $50.00 each at the time & I figured I could get one here somewhere for less.
The reason I noticed them that day is because we had just taken an inland drive through Grasse; Gourdon & had stopped for lunch at Greolieres, a very small village with two restaurants that I could see, one of which was a Pizzeria.  None of us got pizza though.  What caught my eye was a tomato cheese tart.  When it arrived, I noticed it was also baked in one of these deep dish pans.  The mixture of cheese, egg custard & tomatoes was perfect-not too much egg & not rubbery with the cheese.  In fact, they might not have used swiss in the pie-maybe some type of goat cheese.  I never asked.  
Quiches can be filled with anything within reason.  I use spinach; grilled vegetables; the afore-mentioned salmon; bacon or tomatoes.  I love them all.
I think I'll go look for a deep dish pan tomorrow.

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  1. Perhaps you should let me order for you from now on! :) Any luck with the quiche pan?