Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cold Soups

Hot summer days always remind me that there is nothing better than a cold soup to refresh and reinvigorate. Truthfully, I have found that I love these soups more than my buying public does, but I can hardly wait for the fresh tomatoes & vegetables that I will use to blend up a nice batch of Gazpacho. I look for good beets to cook into a wonderful batch of Borscht, or I'll pick some crisp cucumbers to puree with Yogurt into a white Gazpacho. Those three soups are enough to satisfy my longings for cold soups throughout the summer. Each mouthful from any of those soups just shouts our "FRESH GARDEN GOODNESS".
Actually, I love to mix the red Gazpacho with a spoonful of white Gazpacho floating on the top. The white makes the red just a little richer & cuts the acidity slightly. Of course, a good slice of crusty French bread is a perfect accompaniment to go along with this summer meal.

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