Monday, November 15, 2010

Searching for the perfect Tapa-Part 2

Seville Spain
November 7
8:00 PM

Later on Sunday we head to the center of town near the Cathedral by taking the bus. Everyone is out and the Plaza is bustling. We walk past several bars on our way to buy tickets for a Flamenco show. All are serving Tapas. Some are crowded; some are empty. I don't see anything that interests me until after we have bought the tickets. We find a small bar with many Tapas listed on the sign outside and lots of people at the tables. We sit down and look at the menu. I want to get something vegetarian or fish for Ashley and she picks fried artichokes. I spot another dish of potatoes with a green sauce of parsley, garlic and olive oil. I'm thinking this will be the same dish that Elena, an Argentine who worked for me for years, used to make.
When the two dishes arrive, the artichokes are good, but the potatoes are boiled, not roasted and are loaded with salt. In fact, the more dishes I eat in Spain, I sense they have a thing going on with salt. So we are batting 50% after our second meal.

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