Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Searching for the perfect Tapas; part 3

Seville Spain
November 8, 2010

Ashley and I sleep in after our first day in Seville, waking about 10:30. I haven't slept this late since college! We go down to get breakfast in the hotel. The coffee is delicious and there is a full spread of pastries, cereals, sliced meats and cheeses, eggs (salty) and fresh and canned fruits. Afterwords we decide to walk to a tobacco shop to get a bus pass. We continue on after we get the pass, walking through the city on our way to the Cathedral and Alcazar, our two tourist stops of the day. The cathedral is magnificent, showcasing all of the gold and silver looted from the Aztecs and Incas, and the Alcazar is even more stunning. Afterwords we are hungry and seek out a tapas bar recommended by Rick Steves' guidebook near the bullring. We find that it is no longer there, so we reverse course and come upon an inviting coffee bar with pastries and food. We stop for a pick-me up. Once again, we are trying to eat when everything is shut down, but Ashley is able to get a Merangue while I get my customary beer. The Merangue is delicious. I had seen something similar in France, but never tried one. We move on trying to decide what to do before our Flamenco show. We again consult the guidebook for more Tapas and find Cerverceria Giralda recommended , a place I had noticed the day before, not far from the show. We go in and sit down to order. The place reminds me of a bar in San Francisco and we get an order of fried baby Calamari and then some Paella. The Calamari is delicious and the Paella is good-maybe just OK. Both are quite filling though and we head to the show. After the show on our way to find the bus we pass a bar that has hams hanging and curing from the ceiling of the bar with small cups to catch the fat so it doesn't drip on the customers. I think to myself: "I'm not in Kansas anymore."

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